A Healthy Pet Is A Happy Pet

We offer a range of services so you can enjoy more time with your pet. We focus on personalised service at a reasonable price and offer everything from over the counter sales, consultations and all types of surgery with friendly experienced staff.

Health Care

Vaccinations, parasite control, dietary advice and a senior pet program.

Medicine and Surgery

Diagnostic and treatment options. With a fully stocked pharmacy and the latest equipment.

Behaviour Consultations

We can work with you to solve and treat problem behaviours.

Veterinary Dentistry

We have the equipment to get teeth back to normal and show you how to keep your pet’s breath fresh.


Most councils require pets to be microchipped to help reunite lost pets with their owners. We can scan pets to check their microchip and can insert microchips without requiring a consultation.

Lost & found

Our registry enables owners who have lost a pet, or people who have found a pet, to record the details and help reunite pets with owners. We also recommend contacting other vet practices and the local council, as well as placing flyers in local shops