At Rosebud Pet Vet we believe that a healthy pet is a happy pet. We offer a range of services so you can spend more time enjoying your pet.

Health Care

Vaccinations, parasite control, dietary advice and a senior pet program all help your pet maintain optimal health. Most owners want to do the best for their pets and we can show you how

Medicine and Surgery

Unfortunately bad things happen, but we can help by offering the most up to date diagnostic and treatment options. With a fully stocked pharmacy and the latest in anaesthetic and surgical equipment, we can have most illnesses and accidents successfully treated.

If your pet has major, complex health issues we have access to the skills of Melbourne’s best veterinary specialists and will guide you through whatever referral and follow up process may be required.


Behaviour Consultations

Not all pets do what we would want, but there is always a reason for their behaviour. We can work with you to solve and treat problem behaviours and where need be, engage the expertise of specially qualified animal behaviour veterinarians.

Veterinary Dentistry

Smelly breath may not seem like much of a problem, but it is linked to a range of health issues. Animals may not show dental pain until it is extreme, but all animals benefit from having clean teeth, as well as owners appreciating the lack of “doggy breath”. We have the equipment to get teeth back to normal and then can show you how to keep your pet’s breath fresh.


most councils require pets to be microchipped to help reunite lost pets with their owners. We can scan pets to check their microchip and can insert microchips without requiring a consultation.

Drop and Go

Are you too busy to wait for a consultation in the morning when your pet is due for a vaccination? If so, we offer a quick drop off with our nurse and then during the day the vet will examine and vaccinate your pet. You can call by in the evening and pick up your pet and a signed vaccination card as well as any worming or flea control needed.



Do you find that your pet seems to get sick just when you have other major household bills? You are not alone.

We now offer VetPay credit which can help you to pay for veterinary expenses without the high upfront costs. We can help you to apply and set up a treatment plan so that you can pay for your pets treatment over time.

Another option is to make regular prepayments and put your account in credit. We have the computing ability to keep track of these payments and give you regular statements, then if your pet suddenly needs help, you will be well on the way to meeting that expense.